Friday FBI Doc Dump on Email Investigation Reinforces Belief Clinton’s Play By Own Rules
September 5, 2016


Under the Bush Administration, the “Friday night news dump” became common practice. If the news was really bad or potentially embarrassing, the Administration would release it on a Friday night just as most people (especially reporters) were headed home for the weekend and most Americans were paying the least attention to the news. And if the news was really bad, they waited until the Friday before a three-day weekend to release it. Last Friday, just ahead of this Labor Day weekend, the FBI released their notes on their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Her statements to investigators paint an unflattering picture of someone who willingly took unnecessary risks and failed to acquaint herself with procedure. Definitely not a first for the Clinton’s.

We all remember when Bill Clinton took unnecessary risks to have an affair with a young White House intern while he was president, and then minimized his behavior by trying to draw a distinction between “oral” sex and “intercourse”. And in Hillary’s case, her defense has been to plead ignorance, telling investigators “I do not recall/remember” a total of 39 times regarding aspects of her training on the handling of classified materials. “I thought the (C) label was referencing a paragraph” she told investigators despite previously being a senator on the Armed Services Committee. She cited “convenience” as her excuse for going through the effort & expense of having someone setup & maintain a private email server in her own home when the State Department already provided a secure email server for free. As a computer tech myself, I only go through such trouble when I’m looking to hide information from people that otherwise might have legitimate access to it. The entire industry of “Cloud-based storage” was built on this concept. And they thrive because most people don’t try setting up “file clouds” in their own homes.

The Clinton Foundation is shaping up to be another of those “inconvenient conveniences” that is creating problems for the Clinton’s. With recent scrutiny over whether or not “foreign big-money contributors” might be trying to curry favor with the likely future president, Bill has announced that “Should Hillary become president, the Foundation will no longer accept donations from foreign donors” (so get your donations in now while there’s still time!)

Foreign donors on pause


However, the Foundation continued to accept donations while Hillary was Secretary of State. Was that not also a potential conflict of interests? Defenders say no one can point to a single example of Hillary “changing her position” based on someone making a donation to her Foundation.

Donors bought access


In 2004, Elizabeth Warren once argued how moneyed interest convinced then-Senator Clinton to flip her vote in favor of the Conservative (anti)-bankruptcy bill that makes it essentially impossibly for the poor to file bankruptcy and get out from under heir debts. She staunchly opposed the bill in 1998 and likely convinced her husband to veto it, but when it came up again for a vote while she was Senator, she voted FOR it because she was afraid to anger a wealthy & powerful constituency.

Let us not forget that many of use are STILL waiting for Hillary to release the TRANSCRIPTS from those 41-42 Wall Street speeches she gave in 2013 at more than $225K a pop. She says she has nothing to hide, and that there is nothing in them that she wouldn’t want anyone to see, yet she keeps coming up with excuses for why she continues to keep them secret (first it was, “I will when everyone else does”, now it’s, “I will when Trump releases his taxes”… knowing he never will.) Remind me again Madam Secretary why I’m supposed to trust you enough to elect you president?

There’s an old saying: “It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission”. Far too often it seems, politicians will do things they KNOW are circumspect and would be pilloried if they announced their intentions in advance (see: Bush Before & After on Wiretaps), yet do them anyways because they know it’ll personally benefit them with only minimal consequence should they get caught. It’s the reckless behavior of a child… the kind of reckless & secretive behavior we have come to expect from Donald Trump, but the fact is, The Clinton’s aren’t much better. Highly secretive and engaging in risky behavior for personal gain. I believe Hillary once described her life with her husband as “Me & Bill against the world” in one of her books (referring to the Right-Wing Media’s bloodlust at taking them down.) Them against us. Outside world Keep Out.

It may “take a village”, but you have to be willing to allow that village into your personal affairs if you expect them to trust you back. And so far, we don’t.

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