Okay DNC, You Own This. 10 Positives to come from a Trump victory.
November 9, 2016


I‘m still stunned. DNC, you OWN this one. But the mind-numbing effects of Trump’s victory isn’t all bad news for Democrats. As the old saying goes: “Once you hit rock bottom, there’s no place to go but up.” There are actually some positives to come out of this mind-numbing election result:

10 Positives to come from a Trump victory:

1) Never again will Republicans be able to argue that “The presidency is not an entry level position!” the way they did eight years ago when Senator Obama… who had been in elective office for 8 years prior to becoming president. They have now elected a complete & total political novice that doesn’t even understand the basic mechanics of how the government is run. And the rest of the world now knows what monster hypocrites Republicans are.

2) Never again will Republicans be able to criticize Democrats who continue to support Bill Clinton as “supporting a sexual predator.” Trump was caught ON TAPE bragging about sexually assaulting women without their consent (FAR worse than what Bill did with Monica.) Conservatives KNEW this when they entered that voting booth and voted for him anyway. (And there’s that “hypocrite” thing again.)

3) Trump won with less than 50% of the vote. According to the GOP, that makes his presidency “illegitimate”. Newt Gingrich and the rest of the GOP justified hounding Bill Clinton for eight years due to the fact “he won with less than 50% of the vote”, ergo his presidency was “illegitimate”. Now their own candidate has won with less than 50% of the vote. So any “hounding” of “President Trump” (still unfathomable words) will be justified… according to the man Trump might appoint as his Secretary of State. (And there’s that “hypocrite” thing again.)

4) Loud message sent to the DNC: “You hand picked the candidate that polled worse against Trump, undermining Bernie’s campaign. YOU OWN THIS!” The DNC just assumed like so many others that Hillary would win in a landslide. And all those Hillary supporters who told Berners “We don’t need you! We can win without you!” hopefully have learned a lesson about being over-confident jerks. And note to DNC: Stop nominating Closet Conservatives and thinking they’11 beat actual Conservatives.

5) The odds of a Dem victory in the EVEN MORE crucial 2020 election just went WAY up. 2020 will be a census year, and whomever controls Congress will redraw the district maps for the next decade. This is how Republicans have dominated control of Congress for the past 10 years. If Hillary had won, angry Trump supporters would have flocked to make sure Hillary was a one-term president, and people like me who didn’t support her the first time around would be forced to support her reelection in 2020. Now, we won’t have to.

6) Texas will be a swing state in 2020. Trump won Texas… the second biggest electoral prize in the nation after California… by only 9 points last night. While Trump was never in jeopardy of losing Texas this election, 2020 is a completely different matter. Far redder states like Oklahoma went for Trump by nearly 40-points. The DNC can stop writing off “Texas” as an “unwinnable deep red state” in which it doesn’t pay to campaign in. Once the DNC starts fighting for Texas, that means we’ll start seeing a LOT more down-ticket Democratic races being won in this state… helping tip the balance of power in Congress.

7) The first woman president will now be someone with less baggage and not someone whose “turn” it simply is.

8) All those Conspiracy Theory nuts who believed “the election is rigged” will now be forced to question their belief system. How does one continue to believe “the fix is in” and “the world is actively working against you” when you actually end up winning? Insane ranting of “false flag” operations and being told “they’re coming for your guns” may… just may… be taken with more salt next time around.

9) Simply running AGAINST someone doesn’t mean you’ll be the beneficiary. I call it “The Christie Effect”. During the GOP primaries, Chris Christie repeatedly slammed Marco Rubio, helping only to drag down Rubio, but Christie was not the automatic beneficiary, coming in behind Rubio. And now Democrats should have learned that simply running against Trump wasn’t enough. People needed a reason to vote FOR Clinton.

10) The case for “Instant Runoff Voting” just got a huge boost. Both lead candidates came in under 50% of the vote. First the spoiler of Nader in 2000, now the spoilers of Johnson & Stein may have once again cost Democrats Florida. We DESPERATELY need IRV/RCV, and this election loss has just gone a long way to helping that happen.

(#11? Bernie will now be the most powerful Democrat in Washington, with humbled Hillary supporters showing him more deference/respect.)

(#12: A Trump presidency with GOP Congress? THEY WILL OWN EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS FOR THE NEXT 2-to-4 YEARS.)

If nothing else, this whole result has been one giant humbling experience for a lot of arrogant Democrats… not just the anti-Bernie Hilbots but the pollsters (myself included) who assumed a Clinton victory was all but certain (I was absolutely right that it would come down to Pennsylvania, though I’m quite surprised by Florida.) And hopefully, the DNC will know better than to screw over and abuse their fellow Democrats next time around.

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  1. Admin Mugsy - November 13, 2016

    Another possible positive: typically, two years after one party wins the presidency, the other party shows up to give them an opposing Congress.

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