The Party of NO claims mantle of bipartisanship
March 8, 2010


More often than you might think, I’ll start off writing the weeks blog entry, only to end up writing something else entirely. This is one of those weeks.

This particular blog entry started off noting the eerie similarities between the dramatic rise in Right Wing extremism and the very people they claim to hate: Muslim extremists. There was the shooting at the Holocaust Museum last year, an attack on the Pentagon last week, the dive bombing of a plane into a major financial institution (the IRS in Austin), and now a Texas militia group calling itself the “Army of God” (ie: “Hezbollah”) is terrorizing every “un-Christian” business in the town of Amarillo, Tx.

They take their children out of the public schools to focus on a religious-based education (aka: Madrasah) and train them to be “holy warriors“.

They wish death upon anyone that doesn’t think like them.

And what do these nuts have in common? They all call themselves “Patriots“… and “God is on their side”.

Then came Sunday…

Every Sunday I watch three of the major broadcast morning shows, “Meet the Press”, ABC’s “This Week”, and “Fox news Sunday”. And this week I saw a repeating theme across all three shows: Republicans bemoaning “the lack of a bipartisanship” in Congress. (well, whose fault is THAT?)

Mitt Romney (Fox), Rich Lowrey (ABC) and Orin Hatch (NBC) all practically bragged about how when Republicans were in charge, THEY were able to get “bipartisan support for THEIR bills”, while accusing Democrats of “ramming health care reform down our throats”.

Now, maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t that suggest Democrats are more willing to compromise and work with Republicans than Republicans are willing to compromise and work with Democrats?

It takes it takes a set of brass ones to try and claim “moral superiority” for being more obstructionist than your rival Party. What’s worse is that NO ONE EVER CALLS THEM ON IT. No one ever stops and says, “Excuse me, but how can you complain about the lack of bipartisanship when it is YOU saying NO to everything?”

The health care reform bill (HCR) coming out of Washington is looking more and more like a Conservative bill every day. They are threatening to strip out even their weak ineffective “Public Option”; “Single Payer” was never even on the table, and Anti-choice Democrats are threatening to derail all of HCR if it doesn’t specifically deny “federal funding of abortion”, which not only isn’t even in the bill, but contains specific restrictions against it.

Let this be a lesson to Democrats. If the Republicans ever regain control of Congress… maybe I should say “officially” since they seem to control Congress even with a “Super-minority”… Democrats must stop “crossing Party lines” and supporting the GOP’s agenda. Because not only will voters not respect you for doing so, but Republicans can then brag about how THEY can “get things done” while bragging about “bipartisan support” for their legislation. Meanwhile, with Democrats in charge, Republicans simply say “No” to everything… even voting against bills that contain their own Amendments… slow Washington to a crawl… even blocking legislation that would extend unemployment benefits and government jobs programs under false pretenses… and then expect to be REWARDED in November by campaigning against a “do-nothing Congress” that is incapable of getting anything done, or else accuse Democrats of ramming legislation “down your throat” when Democrats finally realize they have no choice but to go it alone if they want anything to get done.

If there is one thing George Bush taught us: You can’t negotiate with terrorists.


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