Time traveling with Karl Rove and the Bush Rehabilitation Crew
March 15, 2010



A little secret about me: I love time travel movies. Time After Time, Time Rider, Frequency, Back to the Future, and even JCVD’s TimeCop. I love imagining what might happen if one could travel into the past and change events in the future.

But one thing I absolutely DESPISE are people who try to rewrite history by lying about it. If it didn’t happen, you can’t just lie and say it did (or vice versa) and expect to get away with it. But that is EXACTLY what the “Bush Rehabilitation Crew” has been doing ever since George W left office with a 22% approval rating. Of course, it wouldn’t be so maddening if the “media” didn’t constantly allow these shysters to get away with it.

In recent weeks, the worst of the lot has been been Dick Cheney’s demon spawn Liz Cheney, who has made it her life’s mission to rewrite her father’s legacy from the most corrupt, fascistic (I don’t use that word lightly) Svengali ever to shoot a lawyer in the face. NYT’s Frank Rich wrote an excellent Op/Ed on the Bush revisionists. There was Bush’s bobbleheaded Spokesmodel Dana Perino claiming “we had no terrorist attacks under Bush”. followed by Rudy Giuliani making the nearly identical assertion that we had “no domestic terrorist attacks under Bush”… both of which make perfect sense seeing as how… according to former Dole campaign adviser Mary Matalin… “George Bush inherited 9/11 from Clinton” (a claim repeated by Fox “news”).

Former Bush speech-writer Marc Theissen defended President Bush on The Daily Show for allowing the use of torture on military detainees by citing the “fact” that “there were no more terrorist attacks for seven years after 9/11”. When Stewart pointed out that there had been “no terrorist attacks for seven years after the 1993 World Trade Center attack” without resorting to torture, Theissen cites foreign terrorist attacks in Jakarta and Bali after the ’93 bombing as evidence that terrorist attacks DID in fact continue after the first WTC attack… unlike after the attacks on 9/11, when the London Subway was bombed on 7/7/05, the Madrid train bombings in 2004, or the wave of terror attacks in Mumbai, India two years ago. There was also the Domestic-terror Anthrax attack, not to mention Richard Reid, the infamous “shoe bomber” who was only caught because… like under President Obama… the attacker’s device failed to explode, not because of any intel gathered through the use of torture.

And now there’s Rove…

Karl Rove is making the rounds this week pimping his new book, not only trying to rewrite Bush’s legacy, from hyper-partisan neo-Conservative nitwit to a shrewd aisle-crossing diplomat, but telling whopper after whopper about the Iraq War, smearing President Obama in the process as an inept hyper-partisan… worse, because (he claims) President Obama has gone on to “prove Bush was right” on everything from “The SurgeTM“, military tribunals, and (of course) the economy (please don’t ask me to explain Rove’s twisted logic).

The man known as “Bush’s Brain”… aka “Turd Blossom” (tomato, tomahto), made the Sunday show rounds yesterday telling some real whoppers. And whadayaknow, no one called him on it. Color me surprised.

First, on “Fox news Sunday”, Rove told host Chris Wallace that Barack Obama campaigned for President as a “non-partisan” but has legislated as a “hyper-partisan”. You know you are to the EXTREME far Right when President Obama looks like a “hyper-partisan” to you. Regular readers of “Mugsy’s Rap Sheet” know that one of my chief criticisms of President Obama is that he reaches out too much to the Right, wasting time thinking he can “win over” a group of people that call him a Communist/Socialist/Marxists/Fascist that is “out to kill Grandma”. Health care legislation would of been passed a long time ago if he hadn’t wasted an entire year making concessions and giving away the store until we are left with craptastic “Romney-Care Lite”. President Obama has met with Republicans more times in his first year than Bush met with Democrats in eight. THIS is what Rove calls “hyper partisan”. You want to see a presidential candidate who campaigned as a “non-partisan” only to rule as an extreme “with us or with the terrorists” ideologue? I give you Texas Governor George W. Bush:


Candidate Bush called himself “a uniter, not a divider”, and that he would bring a “kinder-gentler foreign policy” that didn’t engage in “nation building”, to the U.S. Presidency.

Later in the broadcast, Rove defended the decision to invade Iraq despite the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction “based upon what we knew at the time”. According to Rove, EVERYBODY BELIEVED that Saddam had WMD’s and that he was unwilling to give them up, and therefore, left with no other option, President Bush rightly made the decision to invade Iraq. Of course, video shows us THE EXACT OPPOSITE was true, and not only was war avoidable, but the Bush Administration did everything in its power to ensure it happened:


Next stop: “Meet the Press”, where Rove was “interviewed” by retired newsman Tom Brokaw. I know many had high hopes for the Brokaw interview, even citing “Frost/Nixon“, but I knew it would turn into just another soft-sell puff piece… and Brokaw didn’t disappoint (disappoint ME that is).

When Brokaw brought up the cost of the Iraq War and how the Bush Administration suggested the cost of reconstructing Iraq would be paid for with Iraqi oil revenues, Rove actually said with a straight face that “[n]o one in the Bush Administration ever said the reconstruction of Iraq could be paid for with Iraqi oil revenues”. Whaaa? One thing I love about lies this big, bold and brazen is that people will be digging up video for WEEKS of Bush Administration officials claiming the very thing Rove denies. Hell, it only took MediaMatters two minutes to dig up the first quote from then Deputy National Security Adviser Paul Wolfowitz:

“The oil revenue of that country could bring between 50 and 100 billion dollars over the course of the next two or three years. We’re dealing with a country that could really finance its own reconstruction, and relatively soon.”

USAID’s Andrew Natsios, though not a Bush Administration official per se, latched on to the “Iraqi oil will finance the war” meme coming out of the White House to dish up the biggest whopper of them all to Nightline’s Ted Koppel in early 2003: the entire Iraq War… not “could” but “would“… cost the U.S. taxpayers “only $1 Billion dollars“. (To be fair, Natsios was only off by 3/4 of a TRILLION dollars.)

Next, Brokaw asks Rove to explain President Bush’s deep unpopularity upon leaving office last year. Rove attributed Bush’s unpopularity… not on the economic crisis, the two wars that had gone on for years with no end in sight, the collapse of the auto industry, the home mortgage crisis that led to the failure of thousands of banks and a $700 Billion dollar bailout of Wall Street, not his uber-Constitutional wiretapping of every American, or allowing gas prices to crack $4 a gallon the year before. No, according to Karl Rove, President Bush was simply a victim of “daily attacks by Democrats” coupled with “the unpopularity of The SurgeTM“.

Now, I don’t remember “The SurgeTM” being wildly unpopular the day Bush left office. And if “daily attacks by Democrats” were unfair partisan attacks simply to drive down Bush’s poll numbers, what are we to make of the constant barrage of attacks against President Obama by Republicans? According to Rove, criticisms of Bush were simply “unfair partisan attacks” while criticism of President Obama is justified because he’s a “hyper-partisan legislating from the far Left”.

These people are shameless. No news there. We’ve known that for nearly a decade now (since Bush v Gore in late 2000). But the fact the Mainstream Media keeps giving them a platform to disseminate their lies and then never calls them out when they do is beyond frustrating. Thank Gawd for bloggers.


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