A brief follow up. Despite childish Republicans wasting the taxpayer’s time and money by calling for 23 separate votes on nuisance changes to the Reconciliation bill (like changing the date on certain pages) before it could come up for a vote, the Senate toiled late into the night voting to “fix” the problems with the Senate’s Health Care Reform bill passed by the House last Sunday night. The process dragged on so long, they decided to continue the voting through the end of the week.

Conservatives warned that disaster would strike if the bill passed. With no sense of hyperbole, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-Oompa Loompah) told cameras that the health care bill spelled Armageddon and that the country was “24 hours from ruin”. Geez. Try switching to decaf, Boner.

Last January, CNBC’s Jim Cramer… the investment guru that told everyone “Bear/Stearns wasn’t going anywhere”… told anyone who would listen that a victory for Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senators race, which would deny Democrats their crucial “60th vote”, would sink Health Care Reform and therefore result in a “huge stock market rally”. Not only didn’t the market “rally” the next day, it plunged 190 points (not over health care but over an issue with China… but no “Brown Bounce” was there to counter it.)

So did the market plunge after Sundays’ vote? The next day, the DOW closed UP just under 44 points. It closed up the next day as well… 102 points… to close at 10888, an EIGHTEEN MONTH HIGH and the tenth gain in eleven trading days.

Okay, so maybe economic “Armageddon” isn’t what he was talking about? Social “Armageddon”? Hard to see how society could be “24 hours” from a total meltdown simply by passing a single bill that makes “pre-existing conditions” a thing of the past, and allows parents to keep their children on their insurance for five additional years (the college years).

The only thing left then is the complete destruction of the American way of life “Armageddon”. Before voting on Sunday, Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Palin-wannabee) announced from the House floor that we were just hours from “the death of freedom”… presumably because your right to not purchase health insurance and become a drain on society should you become seriously ill or tragically disabled… was about to be taken from you. Actually, if you don’t want to buy insurance and prefer to gamble on becoming a drain on society, you still have that right, only NOW it’s going to cost you. $695 a year OR as much as 2.5 percent of your annual income, which ever is less. You want to gamble? Fine. But you can no longer do it with the house’s money (and “No”, they can’t throw you in jail if you refuse to pay. They’ll simply take it out of your tax refund until you do. Failing that, you’ll be fined. Now, I suppose you COULD refuse to pay your taxes, and THAT could land you in jail… but not if all you owe is $695.

Anyway… the HCR bill passed Sunday. The stock market didn’t plunge into the abyss, the poor didn’t rise up and seek vengeance upon their overlords, the seas didn’t boil and the moon didn’t turn to blood. But what DID happen? Wingnuts everywhere lost their F’ing minds. Offices were vandalized, members of Congress received threatening phone calls, and in one extreme case, the gas line was cut at the home of the brother of Congressman Tom Perriello. Why “his brother“? Because one moron Tea Party tool posted the wrong address (I’m guessing he looked Perriello up in the phone book without knowing his first name) on his blog encouraging his fellow baggers to “drop by” and pay Perriello a visit. The irony is that had he of posted the correct address, there would of been no way to connect the potentially deadly vandalism to what this one jackass posted on his blog. But since they attacked the brothers‘ house, there’s no question where they got the address/idea from.

The Democrat (Bart Stupak) who nearly derailed heath care reform that will benefit hundreds of thousands of pregnant mothers and young children, over a nonexistent provision to fund abortions, eventually reconsidered ONLY AFTER he was promised a secondary “reaffirmation bill” signed by President Obama that no Federal Funds would go to pay for abortions. The reaction from the Right? These supposed Christians left messages such as: “you baby-killing mother f***er… I hope you bleed out your a**, got cancer and die, you mother f***er.” Nice. Do you kiss the baby Jesus with that mouth?

The Rabid Right, driven to a frothing rage by the Right Wing Media, is becoming unhinged. We saw this in the 90’s when Bill Clinton was elected, only then it was over “gun control” and “Waco” (“Ruby Ridge” happened in ’92 under Bush-41, but the wingnuts still blamed Clinton.) Only this time out, they have an entire cable network (Fox “news”), hate-radio super-celebrities like Rush Limbaugh (who was only starting to become famous in the 90’s) and Glenn “pending-on-air-mental-breakdown” Beck, conspiracy-theory advancers like Michelle “FEMA camps” Bachman, Glenn “Progressives are a disease” Beck, and Sarah “gunsight target map” Palin telling followers to “RELOAD!” rather than retreat in the face of defeat), and of course, the Internet to bring them all together.

If you though the 90’s were bad, hang on tight. A noxious mixture of religious extremism, guns and racism, I fear these lunatics have only just begun.


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