The “Blame America First” Crowd.
March 30, 2010


After the Health Care Reform Act passed last week, unhinged Tea-Baggers went on a rampage, trashing the offices of Democratic leaders, blurting profanities and racial slurs, and then claiming that they were being framed by Democrats (no, I’m not kidding). One visitor to my latest YouTube video documenting the outbreak of violence following passage of the bill hurled a half dozen profanity-laden comments at me for three days, accusing the Media of “lying” about accounts of “spitting” and using racial epithets, until I finally “conceded” that he had convinced me there “there was no way tea-baggers could be guilty of such incivility”.

As amazing as these “deniers” are, there is a bigger group arguing that the violence and acts of aggression were “justified” because they had been “provoked” by Democratic lawmakers that refused to listen to them. Republicans in both the House and Senate accused Democrats of bringing this violence upon themselves “by fanning the flames” (you mean like this, or this?). Of course! What else could they have done but go on a rampage like King Kong’s bratty two-year old younger brother? It’s the “they had it coming” defense… or more precisely, the “rapists” defense.

Conservatives becoming violent in response to imaginary threats is nothing new. Oklahoma City and the outbreak of Militia groups in the 90’s proved that. The stunning thing is how completely oblivious these people are to their own hypocrisy.

Monday in Moscow, two female Chechnyan suicide bombers murdered more than three dozen people in two separate attacks in the Moscow subway during rush hour. The shocking response from Neo-Conservative leader Bill Kristol (if anything from Bill Kristol can be described as “shocking” anymore) is that he actually laid some of the blame on Russia for the attack on Moscow, blaming military incursions into Chechnya. His hypocritical defense? The Russian military was committing acts of brutality in Chechnya… unlike the U.S. in Iraq or Israel in Gaza.

During one of the first RNC Presidential debates in 2007, GOP candidate Ron Paul was alone to argue that America’s meddling in the Middle East helped provocate the attacks of 9/11. The other Republicans on stage jumped at the opportunity to feign outrage that Paul would “blame America” for its own attack upon itsef. Kristol decried Paul for suggesting the United States “invited” the attacks of 9/11. And Rudy Giuliani blasted Paul for something he never said… blaming America for 9/11.

Both Democrats and rational Republican Paul supporters have always acknowledged that life does not occur in a vacuum, and what we do in other countries has consequences, often provoking desperate people to do bad things. To deny that simple fact is to deny reality.

So it is even more astounding for people like Kristol and Tea-Baggers who denounced “the blame America first crowd”, to now blame the victims for their own attacks… whether it is Democrats who were spat upon, called racial epithets or had their office windows broken, or now to blame Russia for the attack on its subway Monday morning, the hypocrisy is almost beyond belief… if it weren’t for the fact we know what a bunch of rationalizing, vicious, moronic hypocrites these people are.

MediaMatters also reported Monday that Fox’s Bill O’Reilley accused the media of focusing on the “few” scattered “nuts” within the Tea-Party committing acts of violence and misbehavior (Sarah “gunsight map” Palin also accused the Media of “lying” about Tea Party violence) in an attempt to defame “the entire movement”. This from a man who calls a “racist hate group” because someone submitted a video to their 2003 “Bush in 30 Seconds” video contest comparing President Bush to Hitler. O’Reilley also frequently equates the “DailyKOS” website with “the KKK” based upon several anonymous comments out of the literally thousands of comments posted to that site each day. But when scores of Tea-Baggers holding signs depicting President Obama as a Nazi parade up & down Pennsylvania Avenue brandishing guns, “don’t tread on me” flags, who hang banners threatening gun violence should the health care bill pass, the “Librul Media” is unfairly singling them out to make the entire movement look bad.

Hutaree Christian Militia The FBI arrested members of a self-described “Christian warrior” group in Michigan (why is it always “Michigan”?) Monday calling itself the “Hutaree Christian Militia” who:

“…viewed all law enforcement as the enemy. It said members planned a violent act to get the attention of the police, possibly by killing an officer at a traffic stop, then attacking the funeral procession with explosives.”
“We believe that one day, as prophecy says, there will be an Antichrist,” their website says. “All Christians must know this and prepare, just as Christ commanded. . . . Jesus wanted us to be ready to defend ourselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment.” – LA Times

Why do I mention this? Evangelicals with a passion for guns & violence, that view Government as the enemy and fear the imminent arrival of “the anti-Christ“? I dunno. Call me crazy, but with Republicans ratcheting up the fear & violence over the “Socialist takeover of our country” by “a foreign-born Muslim in the White House”, I don’t think these guys would fit in very well with the Democratic Party or express support for President Obama. Call it a hunch.


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