Brief Note: Obama Wins both Electoral AND Popular Votes
November 7, 2012


Whew! My greatest fear tonight wasn’t that Mitt Romney might win, but that President Obama would lose the Popular Vote yet win the Electoral Vote, winning in a way that would lead the Right to dog his Presidency as “illegitimate” for the next four years. I’m pleased to announce that won’t be the case, with the president winning both by healthy margins (at this writing): Nearly 100 more Electoral votes and 300,000 nearly 3,000,000 more popular votes.

Howard Finemann of the Huffington Post made the most salient observation that “Romney wanted this election to be a referendum on Obama, and IT WAS, with him and his policies winning” (despite some very wealthy donors throwing hundreds of millions of dollars in negative ads at him).

President Obama won enough swing states to have won reelection in numerous ways, winning Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa and Colorado. So any chance of a challenge on just one is rendered moot.

Another powerful observation came from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who pointed out that EVERY president, regardless of Party, that wins reelection following a deep recession, that President’s Party goes on to reap the benefits for another 20 years, as the recovery blossoms in their second term and they reap the rewards.

A great thought to carry with you this morning following a great night.

(NOTE: I will keep the “Reasons to NOT…” pages up for a few more days as a resource for people needing to explain to their Right-Wing friends why a Romney loss & Obama victory is a good thing.)


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