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Many Polls Say Romney Close or Leading, But Don’t You Believe It.

A recent Gallup Poll of “Likely Voters” taken after the FIRST debate showed a bounce for Governor Romney to give him a 2-Point Lead over President Obama. That’s to be expected. But after the SECOND debate, despite almost universal agreement that Obama won the second debate… a debate in which Romney was humiliated on the national stage over “when” […]


October 29, 2012
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Why Would Anyone Vote for Someone With This Record (Romney)?

This past week, I’ve listened incredulously to reports that President Obama’s lead over Governor Mitt Romney has continued to shrink following Romney’s impressive first debate performance despite his embarrassing second debate humiliation and VP Biden also being seen as “the winner” in his debate performance. Team Romney is 1-for-3 (and likely 1-for-4 tonight), and “fact checkers” have not been kind to Romney’s […]


October 22, 2012
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Guest Op/Ed: Does passing laws stop abortion?

Special guest-commentary today by user “Tom J.” I met Tom during an OFA Viewing Party of President Obama’s big convention speech last August, where he posed some interesting questions about life in countries with strict anti-abortion laws vs those that keep abortion legal & freely available. Impressed, I asked him to share those thoughts with you today. Several […]


October 16, 2012
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Dear Obama, Remind Voters Why They Don’t Trust Romney

After watching last Tuesday’s Vice Presidential debate, it was nice to hear Joe Biden point out just how extreme some of of the policies of his opponent are, but I was disappointed once again that the Romney/Ryan ticket was allowed to get away with whitewashing their extremist agenda and not having their true policy positions dragged kicking & screaming […]


October 15, 2012
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Post Biden/Ryan VP Debate Update

The stakes for tonight’s debate were raised following President Obama’s “disappointing” performance in the first debate. Note, I did NOT say “disastrous” or some other equally cataclysmic adjective like the rest of the Media has because truth is, the President’s first debate was NOT a “disaster”. Think about this fact: after the debate, no one (serious) was […]


October 12, 2012
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Who’s Better at Running the Economy (part deux)? A startling graph.

Last week, my mother… as she does almost weekly… sent me another one of the Right-Wing chain letters that her Republican friends send her, asking me to debunk it so she can send it back. I’ve had to tell her on more than one occasion to cut back on the amount of “nonsense” she sends […]


October 8, 2012
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A Compilation of Fact-Checks following first Debate

If you’re like me, you were probably stunned by the lack of push-back by President Obama during the first presidential debate. It seemed (and not just to me) that Romney was allowed to backtrack just about every position he’s ever held, make assertions he couldn’t back up with figures, distort the President’s record, and basically […]


October 5, 2012
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Flash Commentary on the First Debate (UPDATED)

At this writing, the first presidential debate has just ended and the early opinion is that Romney did better (whether than translates into a “win” only the polls will tell). The biggest disappointment was the number of openings President Obama let slip by that he could have hammered Governor Romney on, yet didn’t. NO mention […]


October 4, 2012
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If You Could Ask the Candidates One Question…

Wednesday night will be the first Presidential Debate of 2012, and I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the questions I’d like to hear someone ask. Romney has taken so many positions on every issue that the debates are the perfect place to put him on the spot and force him to finally set the […]


October 1, 2012
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