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Tax Rate Reality: Under Obama, Filers Up To $284,000 Would Still Pay Less.

The Bush Tax Cuts were only supposed to be temporary. Let’s get that out of the way up front. I starting writing this op/ed weeks ago, but mothballed it because I didn’t have enough for a story at the time. But recent events… by which I mean the hysteria over “the looming Fiscal Cliff” (insert scary hand-gestures here)… […]


November 26, 2012
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Happy Macy’s Day!

Just a brief note this holiday. Every Thanksgiving I play a little game, listening for the number of times I hear the phrase: “Macy’s Day Parade”. It’s an odd homage to consumerism. Many of us said it when we are kids, and if you still haven’t caught it, you probably still do. It’s the “Macy’s […]


November 22, 2012
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Why the Right is still hyping the Benghazi non-story

On August 9th, 1974, five men (working for the CIA) were caught after breaking into National Democratic Headquarters based in the Watergate Hotel/Office-complex in Washington D.C.. The scandal was traced all the way back to the White House (and likely Nixon himself), culminating in the conviction and incarceration of 43 people, including the highest ranking law official […]


November 19, 2012
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Just Because We Won Doesn’t Mean Millions Weren’t Disenfranchised. My “Voter Security Act.”

Democrats won big Tuesday. Not only did President Obama rake in 126 more Electoral Votes than Mitt Romney, but nearly 3-Million more of the “Popular Vote”. Many Republicans, in licking their wounds following Tuesday’s shellacking, point to one stat to make them feel better: “President Obama dropped 6 Million in the popular vote from 2008 to […]


November 12, 2012
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Brief Note: Obama Wins both Electoral AND Popular Votes

Whew! My greatest fear tonight wasn’t that Mitt Romney might win, but that President Obama would lose the Popular Vote yet win the Electoral Vote, winning in a way that would lead the Right to dog his Presidency as “illegitimate” for the next four years. I’m pleased to announce that won’t be the case, with […]


November 7, 2012
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Victory Matrix: Your Handy Swing State Guide to 270

Using NBC Political Director Chuck Todd’s latest map of “safe” states (left) for each candidate showing only seven swing states remaining… Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado, New Hampshire, Iowa, and Virginia… I stayed up late last night compiling this simple “Victory Matrix”, a brief table showing the swing states each candidate needs to reach the minimum 270 Electoral […]


November 6, 2012
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Closing Arguments: Some thoughts on Romney

Over the past 18 months (since the first Republican debate in May of last year… yes, it has been that long), two things have always been clear: one, Mitt Romney would be the GOP nominee and two, Republicans hate him. This will be the first “post Citizens United” presidential race. And because of that, not only […]


November 5, 2012
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