Is Hillary a Closet Republican? Her record would suggest so.
May 30, 2016


It’s a case I’ve been making since she ran against Obama in 2008: Hillary has this unfathomable, almost desperate, need to seek the approval of Republicans. Her first instinct on every issue is to align with Conservatives… especially on issues of National Defense… only to reverse course later when disapproval from Democrats proves inconvenient. Honestly, I believe it all started during her husband’s presidency when they hunted him like a dog for nine years (I’m including the year he was running for the nomination in 1992.) Kind of a mild “Stockholm Syndrome” where you begin to sympathize with your captors and see things from their point of view.

Whatever the reasoning may be for her Conservative tendencies, her history of doing so is well documented. These past few months, I’ve referenced repeatedly the notoriously nasty campaign she ran against Barack Obama in 2008. Her attacks on then Senator Obama’s “qualification” to be president (even running a multi-million dollar TV ad… the famed “3AM ad”… questioning his readiness to be Commander-in-Chief) was nothing compared to starting the “secret Muslim” whisper campaign against Obama by being the first to leak a photo of him in ceremonial garb during a visit to Kenya years before. A “scorched Earth”, “take-no-prisoners” style of campaigning more suited to the likes of Lee Atwater or Karl Rove than Democrats have traditionally waged against one another. Hillary’s 2008 campaign makes Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign look incredibly tame by comparison.

The polls weeded out two other admitted Conservative Democratic candidates early: Jim Webb & Lincoln Chafee. Webb likes to brag about his time as “Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan”. Chafee was the last openly “Liberal Republican” in the GOP, turfed out by his own Party, first becoming the “Independent” Governor of Rhode Island, then switching to the Democratic Party to run for president this year only to drop out early because of low poll numbers.

These two men demonstrate the fact that the lines between the Democratic Party & the Republican Party have become blurred. What was once called “the Republican Party” has been moved to the extreme Right by the Tea Party and Conservative Christians. And as they have shifted Right, so has the Center, with Democrats lurching to the Right to fill in the void.

It wasn’t always this way. Richard Nixon… the poster boy for Republican abuse of power… created the EPA and proposed a national health insurance system, and despite being openly/virulently anti-Communist, visited China to open Trade Relations with them for the first time. Nixon would be deemed “too Liberal” by GOP standards today.

Also from the Nixon Administration, former Secretary of State (and war criminal) Henry Kissinger… probably best known for his secret war in Cambodia and famously saying things like: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” Hillary called Kissinger “a friend” in her 2014 biography, and bragged of his praise on the campaign trail this year, of him telling her she “ran the State Department better — better than anybody had run it in a long time.”

The Clinton’s have been a part of the Democratic Establishment for 25 years, and as the center has moved, so have they. President Bill Clinton was the first as he too desperately tried to win the approval of the Republicans that were dogging him, first with the passage of NAFTA… the grandfather of all disastrous Free-Trade deals to come, followed a few years later by the troublesome (almost cruel) “Welfare Reform Act” of 1996 that was supported by nearly twice as many Republicans than Democrats. Ditto for his repeal of “Glass-Stegall”… the FDR-era bill that made it a crime for banks to gamble with depositors money (and arguably led to the 2008 Crash.)

Hillary has continued her husbands’ bizarre need to seek the approval of Conservatives who hate her (though she has done little… if anything… to court Sanders supporters. Even going so far as to taunt them), uses Republican talking points to attack Sanders (just as she did against Obama in 2008), instinctively siding with Republicans first on issues like “Same Sex Marriage”, “Free Trade” (note at end of that video from four weeks ago, she confirms she only opposes the TPP “in it’s current form”), the Keystone XL Pipeline, but most notably when it comes to using military force, not only voting to give President Bush unilateral authority to declare war on his own (already disqualifying in my book), but also pushed for using American firepower to aide in the overthrow of Kadaffy (Libya) turning it into a new haven for ISIS, currently supports a “No Fly Zone” over Syria that could draw us into WWIII, and (as I’ve pointed out) famously criticized her former boss President Obama, for refusing to arm the Syrian rebels… Conservative positions all. Even her 2008 Health Care Reform Plan was (arguably) written by the Right-Wing “Heritage Foundation”.

And the latest scandal to hit the headlines is that Secretary Clinton did NOT in fact have approval from the State Department to set up a private email server in her home as she repeatedly claimed was not prohibited. She “never asked” for permission, simply assuming she had it. An independent report from the State Debt declared… not only was it not allowed, but her request would have been denied had she of bothered to seek permission first.

But you know the old saying, “It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission”… a mantra that perfectly describes the governing philosophy of The Bush Administration: No proof of WMD’s? Invade first and worry about producing the evidence later (which they couldn’t because it didn’t exist). No permission to indiscriminately secretly wiretap every American citizen? No problem. Just do it anyway and defend the practice later.

And Hillary’s defense for using a private email server? “Republicans did it too!” That’s an excuse I expect from someone like #ToddlerTrump. No wonder they’re the front-runners. Colin Powell & Condi Rice also used insecure email servers (Powell used “AOL” of all things), but there are two problems with that: 1) The rules changed after Powell & Rice, banning the practice, and 2) No one else went through the difficulty and EXPENSE of maintaining a private email server in their HOME… a highly unusual thing to do when the State Department was already providing a secure server FOR FREE.

But once again, the argument, “I only did what Republicans do!” is a troublesome rationalization. If you’re trying to make the case that you’re NOT “a Closet Conservative”, doing the same things Republicans do doesn’t exactly help your case.

Speaking of “Republicans do it too”, shall we talk about “SuperPACs” and money in politics? Hillary Clinton says she is “opposed to Citizens United”… the Supreme Court decision that lifted the cap on Big Money Donors to allow unlimited contributions to flow into a political campaign. “Citizens United” was actually the result of a case levied by the 2008 Clinton Campaign. A movie was released in 2008 attacking Clinton, backed by multimillionaires opposed to her run for president. Clinton argued this was a violation of campaign spending, allowing Big Money to spend unlimited amounts of cash on one giant attack ad.

Despite losing that case and being so badly harmed by it, it gave birth to “SuperPAC’s”, the bane of Democracy, which she now unashamedly takes full advantage of in her race for president, allowing her campaign to raise well over an additional $100 Million for her campaign (even Donald Trump, who claims to be self-funded, has SuperPAC’s and has stated he will reverse his policy of not accepting large corporate donations in the general.)

Hillary began her campaign this time around talking about how she got her start as a “Goldwater Girl”… supporting the Republican opponent of LBJ following the assassination of JFK months before. Martin Luther King Jr. himself wrote a statement that year begging “all good men of conscience to oppose the candidacy of Mr. Goldwater.” So from the very start, her ideology has leaned Conservative. And arguably, she is a “Democrat” today only because today’s Democratic Party is where the GOP was 50 years ago. It’s being dragged to the Right… and NOT because that’s where the public wants it.

Clinton/Trump unfavorables over 50%


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