Romney interviews atop giant Etch-a-SketchFor (literally) years now, the primary case against Mitt Romney’s candidacy is that he’s “out of touch”, “has no core” and “will say anything” to get elected, even if what he’s saying doesn’t make a lick of sense. Last night (9/23), both Governor Romney and President Obama gave brief interviews to CBS’s “Scott Pelly” on “60 Minutes”. Governor Romney sought to “set the record straight” on a number of issues that Pelly said were on the minds of voters. I came away wondering, “What planet does this guy live on?” See if you agree.
Things we’ve learned during Governor Romney’s “60 Minutes” interview:

  • Ann could have just gone to the ER for treatment of her MS. – Governor Romney informed us that, We already have “universal health care” in this country. It’s called “the Emergency Room”… the most expensive care there is. (ER’s also do not provide treatment for “chronic” illness like chemo nor “preventive” care. And thanks to Radio’s “Randi Rhodes” for pointing out that Ann Romney could likewise not go to the ER for treatment of her M.S.)
  • It’s fair for Millionaires to pay substantially lower tax rates than everyone else because “Capital Gains were already taxed once at the corporate level”. – ALL money is previously taxed at some point before it makes it’s way into the hands of consumers. You’re taxed when you earn it, and taxed when you spend it. Should we then deduct those taxes from the guy that gets it next? It’s worth noting that if you sell land for a profit, that profit is taxed as “capital gains” despite never being taxed “at the corporate level.”
  • If we cut the tax rate, but close loopholes so no one pays less then they are now, the economy will grow like wildfire. – By closing “tax loopholes” for the rich, we can cut their tax rates without reducing the amount we collect in taxes. So the wealthy will continue to pay the same amount in taxes they are ALREADY paying, yet somehow, this non-cut “cut” will spur economic growth and create jobs, reviving the economy (if people end up paying the same amount, then what’s the point?)
  • Shifting Federal programs to the states will save money… for the Federal government. The states (and your state taxes, not so much.)
  • Repealing health care reforms for current seniors will have no effect on current seniors. – There will be no cuts in Medicare benefits to “current” seniors (ibid), but he would repeal ObamaCare “on day one”, which includes reopening the prescription drug “donut-hole” and ending free “preventative care” services for Medicare patients.
  • Voucherizing Medicare by capping payments to seniors would “extend the life of Medicare”, but “restoring” the $716-Billion that ObamaCare “cuts” (ibid) in overpayments, waste, fraud & abuse are needed to keep the program from going bankrupt.
  • Overpaying Medicare Advantage programs is more important than reducing the Deficit. – Romney’s running-mate’s plan to use that same $716-Billion in Medicare savings to “reduce the deficit” is less important than ensuring we continue those overpayments to “Medicare Advantage” providers. (ibid)
  • The Romney/Ryan Medicare Reform is neither a “voucher” nor a “coupon”, but “a check from the government.” – The Romney Team has insisted their Medicare reforms are neither a “voucher” system, nor is it a “coupon” but should in-fact be called “premium support”, but when Pelly describes it as “the federal government would write that senior a check”, Romney agree’s that is “essentially it.”
  • President Obama was not obstructed from keeping his promises, he simply changed his mind.“For his first two years”, President Obama had “a super majority in the Democrat Congress. And he had a whole series of things he said he was going to do, he didn’t do.” (yes, that contradiction was all one sentence.) Actually, the president only had a “super-majority” for just 24 working days and endured a record-setting number of filibusters in the Senate.
  • There is a “fighting season” that begins sometime before September but is over by November.
  • Romney himself and “the Romney Campaign” are separate entities, and what Romney tells a crowd of rich donors does not represent “the campaign”. (In response to the “47-percent” video, the governor said, “[t]hat’s not…that’s not the campaign. That was me, right? I– that’s not a campaign.”)

One can’t help but wonder if he gives a moments thought to his answers before he speaks? (I’ve added this full list to my “Reasons to NOT vote for Romney” page.

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