The List II: Michele Bachmann
December 12, 2011


Bachmann in OverdriveEverybody knows someone like Michele Bachmann. The “Tall Tale” teller, the “Everyone’s out to get you” paranoid, or the Bible-thumper that throws a screaming hissy-fit if you dare challenge their beliefs. But how many of us know all-three rolled into one? Long-time readers know I can’t refer to Michele Bachmann without the obligatory “BSC*” suffix after her name. So notorious is her history of “nutty” statements that even Fox’s Chris Wallace felt compelled to ask Bachmann: “Are you a flake?” And there’s a reason for it. Bachmann rode to prominence repeating every wild-eyed conspiracy theory to diarrhea from Glenn Beck’s mouth back when he still had his daily TV carnival on Fox. If Beck said it were so, you can bet your bottom dollar Michele Bachmann would be repeating it as gospel the next day: She believed Obama was pushing for a one-world “Global Currency”, said “Obama pals around with terrorists” (Bill Ayers), the government used the Census to round up American-Japanese during WWII and will do so again under Obama, only this time to round up Conservatives. When Liberal icon Al Franken was narrowly elected to the Senate from her home state, Bachmann claimed “341 Felons [illegally] Voted for Al Franken”, claimed “[Dennis] Kucinich’s wife and Michelle Obama plan to work together to push veganism” because they sat together on a plane, Bachmann & Beck both believed defunct community group ACORN would run Obama’s new “Community Reinvestment Act”, warned School-Based Health Clinics could provide “sex ed” and abortion referrals to children, Birther Bachmann wanted to know “Where is the birth certificate?” (later it is shown to her), etc & so-on.

We were first introduced to the Minnesota Congresswoman way back in 2005 when she was caught hiding in the bushes spying on an LGBT Rally supporting “same-sex marriage”:

Bachmann hides in bushes: 2005
Bachmann spying on LGBT Rally: 2005

…Is this any way for a grown woman or member of Congress to behave?

Bachmann has frequently referred to herself as “the one, true Conservative in this race”, and on that point, she may be right. No one single GOP candidate has embodied ALL of the most insane, conspiratorial, delusional mechanizations of the Right-Wing than Michele Bachmann. Self-anointed leader of “The Tea Party Congressional Caucus”, Bachmann has questioned the patriotism of her fellow members of Congress (calling for investigations that would make Joe McCarthy proud); thinks that we can (and should) deport 11million undocumented Mexican immigrants back to Mexico, even if it calls for ripping crying/screaming children from their mothers arms; and has co-founded a “gay conversion therapy” clinic (that bills Medicare) with her big (gay?) husband Marcus Bachmann. Michele has proudly bragged of raising “23 foster children” [some for no more than a week]… all of them girls. Doesn’t she trust her husband around young boys while she’s out legislating? It would appear either Michele suspects something too or Marcus only wants to foster girls because he doesn’t trust himself around boys. Okay, I may be totally off-base here, but ever notice how many self-hating closeted gay Republicans obsessed with condemning homosexuality there always seems to be on the Right? Speaking as a black Muslim lesbian trapped in the body of a pasty white straight guy, pursuing your obsession (he doth protest too much?) to the point of opening a clinic to “fix” gays, seems a little too “on the nose”. And for a “tough woman in a mans world” butch babe like Michele and a cherub-faced, 6’3″, 250lb effeminate gay-hater like Marcus to marry each other, also seems right in character. Marcus Bachmann may be the last man on Earth to figure out Marcus Bachmann is gay. That may be a totally unfair accusation, but hey, you’re wondering now too! Don’t deny it!

But we’re not here to talk about Michele’s husband. I have a lot of links for each GOP candidate, but no other candidate’s list is so replete with as much off-your-rocker nuttiness as Michele Bachmann:

  1. Bachmann calls for investigation of ‘anti-American’ Congress members
  2. Michelle Bachmann warns of politically correct re-education camps for young people
  3. Bachmann: A Gay Man 'Can' get married… He just has to marry a woman. (Like Marcus did? I’m telling ya, she knows!)
  4. Bachmann Denounces Gov't Spending, Cites Debunked Health Care Myth (claims IRS added 16,500 agents to enforce ‘ObamaCare’)
  5. Veterans Slam Bachmann’s Plan To Cut Vet Benefits
  6. Michele Bachmann claims there has been just one new oil drilling permit issued since Obama took office (actual number at the time: 39)
  7. Bachmann Says She Doesn’t ‘Have An Answer’ On Whether Homosexuality Is A Public Health Hazard
  8. Bachmann Calls For Huge Corporate Tax Cut Alongside Tax Increase For The Working Poor
  9. Bachmann: "‪We Now Have A Total Gangster Government‬‏" (accuses Obama of using strong-arm tactics.)
  10. Bachmann doubles down on "gangster government" claim
  11. Bachmann made opposite of Gangster Gov claim. (Said Obama’s foreign policy “makes Jimmy Carter look like Rambo.”)
  12. As Richest Pay Lowest Taxes In A Generation, Bachmann Would End Income Tax For 23,000 Millionaires
  13. Bachmann Playing With House Money (billed taxpayers “$13,630” for sound equipment used at an anti-government, anti-tax Tea Party rally.)
  14. Bachmann Personally Benefited From Earmarks, Then Falsely Claims She Never Did
  15. Bachmann Calls The Minimum Wage An ‘Expansion Of Government’ That Needs To Be Eliminated
  16. Bachmann: Lower Minimum Wage To Match Cost Of Overseas Labor
  17. Says Abolishing Minimum Wage Would Create Millions of Jobs. Sure, if you don’t mind working for 50cents a day!
  18. Bachmann Only Got Law Degree Because Her Husband Told Her To, Urged Women To ‘Be Submissive To Your Husbands’
  19. Michele Bachmann – Lying about Her Law Degree
  20. Bachmann’s Parable For The Poor: Have Faith In God And You Won’t Need Welfare
  21. Bachmann, Santorum sign pledge to BAN all forms of pornography
  22. Video reminder of Bachmann's crackpotery.
  23. Yiddish Fail: Bachmann Accuses Obama Of Having ‘Choot-Spa’ (Here’s wishing you a Happy Chanooka!)
  24. Bachmann Campaign Takes Retribution Against Local Iowa Station That Asked About Ex-Gay Clinics
  25. Marcus Bachmann Backtracks: Denies Using ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy, Claims He Never Called Gays ‘Barbarians’
  26. Michele Bachmann Repeatedly Sought Stimulus, EPA, Other Government Funds
  27. Bachmann: Obama Told Me The Affordable Care Act Eliminates Medicare (hypocrisy)
  28. Bachmann Claims ‘S&P Essentially Proved Me Right’ — S&P Really Disagrees
  29. Bachmann Refuses To Say What Spending She Would Cut If Her Plan To Not Raise The Debt Ceiling Were Followed
  30. Bachmann: I ‘Probably Would’ Reinstate DADT Because It ‘Has Worked Very Well’
  31. While Pushing Corporate Tax Cuts, Bachmann Rejects Extending Jobless Benefits Because ‘We Don’t Have The Money’
  32. Bachmann Still Claiming Income From Federally-Subsidized Farm She Insists She Doesn’t Benefit From
  33. Bachmann Would Consider Everglades Drilling Plan Bush, Romney Opposed
  34. Bachmann: Hurricane Irene Was Message From God About Spending (and what better way to protest spending than sending a Billion dollar Natural Disaster?)
  35. Bachmann, The God Whisperer (good funny read on that costly disaster.)
  36. Bachmann Doubles Down On Drilling In Everglades, Says Only ‘Radical Environmentalists’ Would Oppose
  37. Bachmann ‘Open To’ Elimination Of Corporate Income Tax
  38. Bachmann On Muslims In 2005: ‘Not All Cultures Are Equal’
  39. Bachmann calls Anti-Feminist Phyllis Schlafly "the most important woman in the United States in the last 100 years"
  40. Bachmann's latest conspiracy: HPV vaccine caused Mental Retardation
  41. Bachmann cites wrong John Wayne, praising notorious serial killer
  42. Bachmann To Man Who Would Vote For Serial Killer Over Obama: ‘Thank You For Saying That’
  43. Bachmann Flubs Fifth Grade American History (says Plymouth Rock in landlocked NH)
  44. Second Bachmann History Gaffe in the same speech: (tells NH audience their state is home of “Lexington and Concord”.)
  45. Bachmann Flubs History Again, Insists John Quincy Adams Was A Founding Father
  46. Reagan-fan Bachmann Says The American People Are Worried About ‘The Rise Of (China, India &) The Soviet Union’ (the USSR fell in 1989.)
  47. Responding to a recent outbreak of Swine Flu, Bachmann found it “interesting” that last Swine-Flu outbreak was “under a Democrat… Jimmy Carter… in 1976”.
  48. (Ford was still president in ’76.)
  49. Michele Bachmann: 'I haven't had a gaffe'

    Michele Bachmann: Gaffe Machine
    [flv:/4blog/video/TRMS-110819-Bachmann_Gaffe_Machine.flv /4blog/video/TRMS-110819-Bachmann_Gaffe_Machine.jpg 424 240]


  51. Michele Bachmann Meets Her Hero Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Begs For Endorsement (Don’t know about Sheriff Joe? Here ya go!)
  52. Bachmann Claims Wall Street Reform Is ‘Killing The Banking Industry’ As Banks Post Record Profits
  53. Michele Bachmann’s Latest Job Creation Idea: Less Food Safety Regulation, More E. Coli
  54. Bachmann Proposes to Eliminate All Taxes (adds “Obviously we need to give money back so that we can run the government.” Voluntary taxation???)
  55. Bachmann Equates Today's Social Conservatives with the Civil Rights Movement
  56. Bachmann Warns of Hezbollah 'Missile Sites' in Cuba
  57. Paging Doctor Bachmann. Fundraising email claims Michele… who has no Ph.D… has a “post-doctorate” in tax law.)
  58. Bachmann Missed Every House Vote in September, 58 Percent Since July
  59. Bachmann Tells Man With 'No Teeth' to Rely on Charity
  60. Bachmann Introduces Federal Health Mandates To Govern Abortions
  61. Bachmann Boasts She Spent Her ‘Entire Life In The Private Sector’ Minutes After Touting Her IRS Job
  62. Bachmann: Gaddafi 'May Be' Still in Power If I Were President
  63. Michele Bachmann’s ex-NH staff says national campaign’s rudeness, cruelty pushed them out.
  64. Michele Bachmann: Obamacare Will ‘Endanger The National Security Of Our Nation’ (Debt)
  65. Michele Bachmann Would Add Ronald Reagan, James Garfield, Calvin Coolidge To Mount Rushmore
  66. Bachmann: Eliminate Tax Credit That Kept 3 Million Kids Out Of Poverty
  67. Bachmann: End the Dept. of Education to Solve Teen Bullying
  68. Bachmann believes the unemployed shouldn't eat
  69. Bachmann: We Need To Be More Like (communist) China. End LBJ’s 'Great Society' Programs
  70. Bachmann Wants Iraqis To Pay ‘Several Million Dollars Per Life’ For Every American Who Died In Iraq
  71. Bachmann: Obamacare Will Force Military Personnel Out Of Their Government-Funded Health System
  72. Bachmann: Waterboarding Is Justified… Just Like Nuking Japan. (so clearly, we need to apologize to those Japanese soldiers we prosecuted.)
  73. Michele Bachmann's statements about torture and waterboarding (Tells critics suggesting she try being waterboarded that it would prove nothing.)
  74. Bachmann: Obama Wants More ‘Violence’ So He Can Regulate Guns
  75. Bachmann: A Seven-Foot Doctor Told Me Obamacare Requires The IRS To Pre-Approve Medical Treatments
  76. Michele Bachmann: Get Rid of the Earned Income Tax Credit, Food Stamps, Public Housing
  77. Bachmann During GOP Debate: Leaked intel, or just more conspiracy fantasy?
  78. Bachmann: Teaching Only Evolution Is ‘Censorship’
  79. Michele Bachmann's Short List for AG and Veep: Rick Santorum and Donald Trump
  80. Bachmann: “Occupy Wall Street's” Goal is 'Having Other People Pay for Their Stuff'
  81. Bachmann: Deport All Undocumented Immigrants
  82. Bachmann Approves Of Dragging Undocumented Immigrants Onto Buses In Front Of Their Crying Children
  83. Bachmann Warns ‘The Lion King’ Was Gay Propaganda
  84. Bachmann: Scientists Are Supporters Of Intelligent Design
  85. Bachmann: Terri Schiavo Was ‘Healthy’
  86. Bachmann Likened Visiting Iraq to visiting the Mall of America
  87. Bachmann Claimed Carbon Dioxide Is ‘Harmless’ (so’s water… until you try to breath it.)
  88. Touting Her Currency Conspiracy, Bachmann Insists: ‘This Is Not Michele Bachmann Being A Kook’
  89. Bachmann: Gay singer should repent after getting cancer.
  90. Bachmann revels in her stupidity, proudly pointing out she’s “the ONLY candidate in the race to consistently oppose ‘ObamaCare’ and ‘Global Warming legislation’.”
  91. Comes out against extending payroll tax cut on the grounds, “It hasn’t created any jobs”. Meanwhile, the Bush Tax Cuts have been in place all during that same time, but THOSE cuts must continue because “they create jobs”.
  92. Bachmann: ‘The Number One Way We’ll Advance The Cause Of Life’ Is By Repealing Health Reform.
  93. A bit like improving auto safety by removing seat belts.

    In 2006, Bachmann Predicted The World Would End: ‘We Are In The Last Days’

    Audio clip at link with infamous, surreal “You’re a Jehovah God” quote.
  94. Bachmann Wrong on Social Security, Jobs, Debt
  95. PolitiFact gives Bachmann a “Pants on Fire” for claiming: “PolitiFact came out and said that everything I said was true” in last debate.
  96. Buying into the Rightwing myth that the Poor pay “no taxes” (ever hear of “FICA” or “Sales tax”?), Bachmann proposes a $10 minimum tax for all Americans.
  97. Bachmann has also promised to “abolish the Capital Gains Tax”. So while Poor people would pay $10 more, 20,000 Multimillionaires would see their taxes slashed to just $10/year.

    (Bachmann suspends campaign after disappointing last place finish in Iowa.)

  98. Anti-Abortion Bachmann Says Women Need To be able to “Make Their Own Decisions” About Their Bodies (April 15, 2012)

This just is not a serious presidential candidate. Truly, this isn’t even someone that should be advocating and creating legislation.

Other “Lists” still available for review:

God must want Obama to win.

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